2014 Wrap-Up

2014 was a big year for Leaping-Tiger. The founders began working full-time on LT in March, and haven’t looked back! There were a few stumbling blocks throughout the year, and a pretty lofty pivot towards the development of the app MVP, but overall 2014 was a fantastic year of growth and we are so excited to see what 2015 has in store! We thought we’d reflect on some of our 2014 highlights as we look towards the new year…

June — E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in Los Angeles, USA
The LT team was extremely fortunate to be able to travel to LA and attend E3 this year. The experience was indescribable, we met so many fantastic people and made connections with people we could only have dreamed about! We attended a dinner with an array of NZ gaming retail teams and publishers, and managed to get taken around most of the behind closed doors E3 content — yes, we had to pinch ourselves quite frequently! We had the opportunity to pitch Leaping-Tiger to so many people in the industry, and received great feedback. We confirmed that gaming advertising is as massive as we thought it was, and dreamed up some new ideas and features for the platform while we were immersed in the heart of the gaming industry. A very sincere thank you once again to everyone who helped us get to E3!

September — DigitalNationz in Auckland NZ
At DigitalNationz, we had some really great discussions with a bunch of NZ based community managers. They all had awesome thoughts and ideas to share! Thanks so much to everyone who made time to sit down with us, we can’t wait to catch up again soon!

October — Armageddon in Auckland, NZ
In October, we traveled to Auckland for the biggest Armageddon event in New Zealand. We spent 3 days pitching Leaping-Tiger to as many attendees as we could, offering them pre-registration of their desired username for when LT goes live. We received an enormous 2,000+ registrations across the weekend, and the feedback and responses we got from the crowd were the best motivation and inspiration we could have possibly asked for! You guys rock.

November — Began working with Touchtech
Hot off the traction we received from Armageddon, we knew we needed to ramp up our current development efforts and bring Leaping-Tiger to the people as quickly as we could. We also knew we needed help to do this, and Touchtech is the technical team we’d dreamed of! They helped us pivot our massive vision for Leaping-Tiger into a powerful MVP iOS app from which we can easily grow.

November — NZ PR Coverage
We signed the year off on a high, with some coverage around the NZ interwebs. We’re humbled by and so grateful to everyone who’s helped us spread the word about our vision for Leaping-Tiger!
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Come at us, 2015!