Building My Fire Team On Leaping Tiger

A Fire Team In Destiny Fights A ‘Scarab’

At Leaping Tiger community is our number one goal, so we’re bringing more community content to our blog! For the next few weeks we’ll be releasing several guest blog posts from gamers around the globe about gaming, community awesomeness, and Leaping Tiger. This week we’re welcoming Xenojay to talk about Destiny Fire Teams…

You may have heard of it.
Tiny, little game in the market.
Released here and there.

Or you know, it was released by Activision Blizzard, one of the biggest and most powerful gaming companies in the world who took over a developer by the name of Bungie; who themselves are responsible for making some of the biggest and most successful gaming franchises in the world.

That and they may have been the developers who truly brought online gaming to the home console market (though Timesplitters took a pretty good crack at it).

So if you don’t know what Destiny is (apart from being some form of incorporeal thing that binds us to some form of fate), it’s a Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter for multiple platforms; Or an MMOFPS (sounded as MI-MORFIPS) for short. And you shoot A LOT of stuff.

You also collect a lot of stuff.

This is what the online world calls the Grind. Working (grinding) for new gear requires a lot of luck due to RNG (Random Number Generator; the algorithm that calculates your chance of dropping better gear) which in-turn requires a lot of play to apply timed buffs to its equation. The more play invested, means the better chance of return.

In a game like Destiny, where you can solo the majority of its campaign; the source for better gear comes from PvE (Person VS Environment) events which require Fire Teams (the name for a team of 6 players in Destiny) to complete either Daily events or Raids. These types of high-level missions have increased chances for high-level drops which improve your character attributes. While PvP (Player VS Player) does have its own set of applicable RNG equations and gear, the PvE events allow guaranteed high-level drops as long as you have a team.

This is where Leaping Tiger comes in.

While LFG (Looking For Game) and PUGs (Pickup Groups) have existed for a long time, organically developing in any popular online community, they’ve always grown in a sporadic fashion. Not necessarily binding themselves to any one place; they’ll find themselves often spread until one has become the easiest to use and is guaranteed for positive engagement.

Removing the need for a dispersed community, Leaping Tiger works to bind and grow them all together again. With an iOS app and web-based platform that allows the player to interact socially with other players, and most importantly their friends, it’s like lighting up the beacons of Gondor as you see the potential in your reach and connection with others.

Never has it been so simple as to allow the Leaping Tiger app to send out a message to your Social Media notifying your friends that you’re playing “X Title” (in my case, Destiny) with something witty appended to it (or informative if that’s your style). With the beacons lit, you can have someone connect to your session, or if you want, you can connect to theirs. All by simply messaging through one simple tool that brings the world of online gaming together.

With Leaping Tiger I can jump into Destiny, find who’s online from my friends, connect with them and play. If I need more players, I can send out a message to not only the Leaping Tiger community, but also the social community for assistance. With it’s ability to send out a clear message of what we’re playing; when we’re playing and how we’re playing to other gamers, it’s never been easier to connect and enjoy new experiences with the online gaming community.

Which is what I think gaming has been wanting us to do from the start.

Thanks very much to Xenojay for this guest blog —

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