Gaming Community Support Series Part 3: Growing Your Community

(Keeping your members active and attracting new ones!)

So you’ve got a bunch of members in your community. They’re all chatting and getting to know each other. These are your early adopters! Which means they’re people who are open to new experiences. You’re going to learn a hell of a lot from them, and some of them may even be interested to joining you in taking this new gaming community to the next level.

Here’s a look at a few things you should pay attention to as your community starts to grow…

Your Team

Running things all by yourself, especially with a growing community, can be tough. Stay on the lookout for key community members that want to be involved in everything you’re doing, and start asking them to help with little tasks. Slowly build a working relationship, and then see if they’d like to be part of your team. Eventually you’ll have created a team you can depend on, and that’ll help you turn your community into something bigger than you could have managed alone!

Being Supportive and Having Values

Values (for example, ‘treating others the way you want to be treated’) are important when creating a culture of like-minded people who will work well together. Your team should embody the values you set, and spread them throughout your community.

Goals and Objectives

Depending on how you envision your community growing, you can create goals for the group as a whole to work towards, then work out a set of objectives and tactics that’ll help guide you towards those goals.

For example, one of Aspect of Gaming’s core goals is to create a respectable and active eSports presence in New Zealand. Our objective is to host large tournaments with great production values, and one of our tactics to achieve that is to regularly host smaller tournaments that’ll excite players and sponsors to trust us with much larger projects.

Set a few goals for your community, but try starting with something small so you can achieve it well, and show everyone you have what it takes.

Being Active

Before we move on to the next part in this series (Events & Activities) I urge you to have a go at setting up get-togethers in (and maybe even out of) game. Watch how your group members interact and keep an eye on the things they love doing together. This will be your focus going forward.

Don’t fret solo players, if your game isn’t about multi-player interaction you’ve still got a bunch of options! Try streaming a playthrough of the game where everyone watches and gets involved with the player choices, host a quiz, or an art competition. These are all small and relatively easy activities that everyone can get involved in.

NEXT up we’ll tackle keeping your community engaged. It takes more than facilitating conversation to keep a group flowing! You’ve got to encourage them to invest their time and energy into the group, and keep it fun while doing so. This will make sure your members are always coming back for more!

Check out the next article — Part 4: Events & Activities.

Game On!
Theo Martin // Community Manager