Gaming Nights with Kinda Funny best friends — play games, connect with players, win prizes!

We’re teaming up with Kinda Funny for some epic gaming nights! And we've got 4 PS Vitas up for grabs, one every week, for four weeks. Leaping Tiger is a location based friend finding app for gamers that helps you find and play with new gaming friends, and keep track of current ones. This makes it the perfect tool for a gaming community, like the Kinda Funny best friends, to find and play with each other!

Simply download the Leaping Tiger iOS app OR log in to the web version and check-in between 7pm and 9pm PST on Wednesday the 15th, 22nd and 29th of July and 5th of August (that’s every Wednesday for the next FOUR weeks!). Connect with other Kinda Funny best friends, and you'll be in to WIN a PlayStation Vita, just by gaming! At the end of each night we'll pick a random gamer who has checked-in as the lucky winner.

How to use Leaping Tiger

In case you’re new around here, here’s a quick walk-through of Leaping Tiger…

  1. Create Your Player ID
    Download the iOS app or log in on the web and create your Player ID by including your gaming usernames and social handles.
  2. Check-in to a Game
    Select your platform and the game you are currently playing, then leave a quick status message, and hit check-in. Now everyone in your area can see you’re ready to connect!
  3. Instantly Connect
    Now you can see other users playing in your area playing the same game. Send them a Play Request, begin chatting, and team up in-game!

Who the heck is Kinda Funny?

“Four best friends making videos they hope will make you laugh”. The guys at Kinda Funny spend most of their time creating awesome gaming videos for YouTube. We want to send a big thank you to them for getting behind Leaping Tiger, and for keeping us laughing no matter what, we’re huge fans!
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Game On!
Theo // Community Manager

iOS App | Web Platform