Get Down With Super Mario Maker & Help Build Super Leaping Tiger World!

Super Mario Maker was one of our favourite releases of 2015 — craft your own Mario levels in a range of styles and with loads of tools at your disposal. For us, this went from level building to world building. We loved it so much that we want to invite you to help us build the perfect Leaping Tiger World!

How does it work?

We’ll be choosing the top 10 Leaping Tiger community created levels from all you creative gamers out there to build the ultimate Mario world; then we’ll release it as a playable world collection. All credit will be given to the level creators, and it is the perfect way to get the world playing your masterpiece.

How do I submit my level?

It’s easy to get involved, just check-in to Super Mario Maker on Leaping Tiger and enter your level code of the level you want to submit in your check-in description. We’ll collect all those codes throughout the month of March, which will then be judged by the semi-expert (not really) panel at Leaping Tiger HQ.

So get building!

Use all the enemies you want, be creative, and remember good level design is more than just complicated traps and insane difficulty! We want to see levels that challenge the player while at the same time always letting them believe success is just around the corner.

See you in Super Leaping Tiger World, and Game On!
Theo // Community Manager