Good Vibes —PC Gamer Parenting

In case you weren’t aware (as I wasn’t, until a good friend of Leaping Tiger sent me this link) actor and former American football player Terry Crews recently built a gaming PC with his son. You can actually see a lot of the progress via Facebook /realterrycrews, including a video where he explains why he decided to build a PC — and it’s a super Good Vibes story!

One day, Crews walked past his son who he thought was playing video games, but it turned out he was actually watching a streamer. Like most parents of his generation, he was confused, why was he watching someone else play a game? He realised in that moment that he didn’t understand his son’s interests anymore. He was worried he would lose touch with him if he didn’t keep up.

I think it’s really awesome that Crews put in the effort to understand his son’s interests! He acknowledges this himself in the video. So many times parents are like, “Okay, come on, you’re gonna come to work with dad. Come and do what dad wants you to do.” But Crews realised he didn’t want to be that guy. “I asked him what he liked and what he was about. And he was like, ‘I love games. I love video games. I love this whole thing.’ So I said, listen, not only are we going to get into the games, we are gonna build our own computer.”

Of course, Crews had no idea what he was doing. So he turned to online tutorials, articles and eventually his massive Facebook community to help him. He was literally using Facebook live like, “Where does this cord go? Does this go in here?” And the audience were like, “Yeah!” It was pretty funny. “Once you start, it’s like — it’s the most advanced Lego set ever. You can’t stop!” he said. But the best part, was that it was such an incredible bonding experience for he and his son.

“The PC thing is something that a father can do with his family. And it’s funny, cause my daughters like it too. So, it’s really great. And I said, I’m gonna be a part of your world. And now I’m in.”

I always get pretty defensive and sad when parents tell me they ‘don’t let their kids play games’ I believe video games can be a powerful learning tool, if monitored and moderated like most other fun past times. So this story made me super happy! Good Vibes! Parenting goals.

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