Good Vibes — Play More Hurt Less

The Good Vibes today are a bit more of an ‘in case you didn’t know’ coming to us via Kotaku — there are now physical therapists focusing on esports players!

We all know how dedicated the best esports players in the world are, routinely spending more than 12 hours a day practicing and competing. Now, physical therapists are needed to keep them from breaking themselves. The Kotaku article follows the story of Dr Caitlin McGee, who works a day job at a hospital, and in her spare time runs — a website for gaming ergonomics and injury prevention. You will also find video resources, written guides, and articles on health in gaming. She offers online consultation for players (with the caveat that no online service can perfectly diagnose a condition) and she also travels to gaming tournaments. The work being done is fantastic, however she says the onus for building a better support structure for players in the future lies with the organisations and teams themselves.

She goes on to discuss how in certain games, players even develop extra muscle stress when playing certain characters. For example in Super Smash Bros. specifically, the bread-and-butter mechanics of playing Fox or Falco in Melee tend to stress certain parts of the forearm, causing tightness and tension. Most Therapists can tell by where people are injured, what type of activity caused an injury — but for McGee to be able to tell a specific game AND character is pretty amazing!

I loved the excerpt in the article from McGee’s first encounter with esports — “This looks awesome and I wanna do it! Also, oh my God, their posture is terrible… That was how I discovered Dota.” I would highly recommend you check out the original article, as well as McGee’s website for more on this interesting look behind the esports scenes.

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