Good Vibes — The Women Behind The FGC Scene

The Californian Super Turbo crew are regular Evo competitors (photo from original article).

Thanks to Red Bull, today we’re getting some Good Vibes rather than wings! This post is in no way sponsored by Red Bull, I just thoroughly enjoyed the piece they recently published and wanted to direct some more attention their way.

Red Bull Esports has written an amazing piece on the amazing women running the show in the Fighting Game Community, or FCG for short. Despite the general diversity stats that inform us women account for 49% of gamers these days, we are still unfortunately seeing overwhelmingly male dominated teams in esports (competitive gaming). It makes me really happy to see a spotlight being put onto the women putting in the work behind the scenes and making the magic happen!

Of course, there are a lot of awesome ladies on esports teams too, as the article mentions, but we are a long way off these stats being anywhere near 50%.

The main point I took away from the piece is the importance of acknowledging the growing number of women are becoming involved behind the scenes in gaming events. They’re growing local communities, producing events for organisations, women are regularly responsible for ensuring tournaments both big and small run smoothly — or sometimes, even run at all.

Red Bull has highlighted four awesome women in the US Fighting Game Community that are doing just that — and it’s well worth a read. They all talk about their passion for the gaming community and it will definitely give you the Good Vibes!

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