Join Our Blog With A Guest Post!

You may have noticed we have started featuring guest posts! The community side of our blog has always been about empowering gamers and their local communities to do more, and be more awesome. With guest posting we want to bring the voices of our community in, and give them a signal boost (because let’s be honest, their writing is pretty damn great).

You either choose a post you’ve already written OR, if you’d like to do an original piece we can brainstorm some ideas together! The end result is something like Guest Post: Making The Game Honeymoon Last Longer, where we give you uber credit at the start and end of the post, with your piece in the middle. We also chuck it out on our social (@LeapingTigerHQ) and ensure to link back to you/your blog.

In terms of content, here’s what we’re into…

So, wanna be a guest blogger on Email me through and we’ll work together to make it happen!

Theo // Community Manager