Leaping Tiger Community Values

Jordan and Amy (our Leaping Tiger co-founders) were once co-workers who found it tough to meet and team up with near-by gamers. We’ve come a long way since then, and have a long way to go! But more importantly, Leaping Tiger has become about more than just finding people. We are a community focused company, and we’re passionate about what it means to find a family that you weren’t born into.

Your core values define who you are to the external world. We believe it’s important to set expectations, so we’re putting our company values out there so everyone knows where we stand. So we can hold each other, and ourselves, accountable for creating a community we’re proud to be part of.

What we’re all about…

Helping Gamers Connect

We believe in helping gamers all over the world make positive connections. Whether it’s to find a new co-op partner, solve an in-game puzzle, build a team, get involved in a local community, or just talk to a fellow gamer!

Everyone’s A Gamer

Leaping Tiger is dedicated to creating a safe, inclusive, and harassment-free space for gamers. Regardless of age, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity, race, and/or religion. Every gamer with good intentions belongs here.

Gamers Are Awesome

We don’t tolerate harassment or destructive behaviour within the Leaping Tiger community. Leaping Tiger is a positive space for everyone who enjoy games to connect.

Communities Are Awesome

Leaping Tiger believes local gaming communities are the pillars that hold up the global gaming community! We strive to support local gaming communities, helping them improve internally while also creating opportunities externally.

These are the 4 core values that we live by at LTHQ (and out of it, too!). If you found yourself nodding along while reading this, then Leaping Tiger is the place for you!

Let us know in the comments below what YOU value as a gamer, how you found your gaming family, and what you want to see more of from the global gaming community.

Game On!

Theo // Community Manager