Leaping-Tiger iOS App

We are so very excited to announce that phase one of Leaping-Tiger — our iOS app — is currently in development and due to release very soon! The app allows gamers anywhere in the world to connect with like-minded others, across all gaming platforms, instantly. You can think of the interface like a Tinder for gamers; a place where you can check-in to a game, and find other people in your time zone to play with, right now, from your iPhone.

As you may or may not be aware, Leaping-Tiger is a small Wellington based team dedicated to building the social platform countless gamers have told us they want and need! We are building the iOS app as the first step towards bringing our fully fledged platform that will allow gamers to build, join, and manage gaming communities to life.

We’ll be updating this blog in the coming weeks to keep you up to speed with the development of the app, as well as with all the new and exciting plans we have for our phase two build. Your support and excitement for Leaping-Tiger are what keep us going! We can’t wait to share more with you.