Leaping Tiger is LIVE on iOS & the web!

These days, it’s hard to connect with gamers you don’t know. We’re often forced to use random matchmaking and be paired with strangers who at times, aren’t the friendliest. The lucky ones who play games with a large community following, such as League of Legends or DotA, may be able to attend live events where players can network with each other. But what about those of us playing Animal Crossing, Destiny, and other multiplayer games where new friend discovery is almost impossible?

We thought this kind of sucked, so we began thinking of ways to connect players that hadn't been done before. That lead us to developing Leaping Tiger; a gaming friend finder app that connects gamers of all stripes, no matter their game or platform.

We are very excited to announce that Leaping Tiger is finally here!

Now you can connect with more players in your favourite games, instantly. That’s right, we’re live on the iOS App store, and on the web for you desktop/laptop and Android phone users.

So, how does it work?

Step 1.

Create Your Player ID
Build your Player ID by inputting your gaming usernames and social handles.

Step 2.

Check-in to a Game
Select your platform and game you are currently playing.

Step 3.

Instantly Connect
Send Play Requests to other online players, begin chatting, then team up in-game!

And soon, we will be getting your feedback on where we go from here. We want Leaping Tiger to be the best community building platform, and we need your help to make it happen. But for now, get connecting!


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Theo Martin // LT Community Manager