Madden Monday on Leaping Tiger with Sports Gamers Online

We know that it can be rough coming home with a new game and not knowing any gaming friends to play with, so we’re bringing gaming nights to popular game releases starting with Madden NFL 16!

Madden Monday

We’re partnering with Sports Gamers Online to run Madden Monday — a release event for Madden NFL 16 where you get the chance to connect with local Madden players and win one of 5 $10 console cards (XBL or PSN, whichever you’re running) while you’re gaming.

All you’ve got to do is check-in to Madden NFL 16 on Leaping Tiger (available on iOS or the Web) between 5pm and 8pm PDT on Monday the 31st of August and you’re in to win one of 5 $10 console cards!

Don’t think this is a one time blowout though, Sports Gamers Online will continue celebrating Madden Mondays for a few weeks after to help you sports fanatics connect and play.

Sports Gamers Online

Sports Gamers Online is your source for the latest News, Reviews, Previews, Tips, Forums, Streaming, & Online Leagues for Madden, NBA 2K, FIFA, MLB and NHL.

They also run a YouTube channel regularly churning out tutorials, news, tricks and reviews for everything in sports gaming. It’s Madden Season!

Facebook: /sportsgamersonline Twitter: @sportsgamerson

Checking-in with Leaping Tiger

Leaping Tiger is a location based friend finding and community building app for gamers. Just so you know what to do on the night, here’s how it works:

  1. Create a Player ID
    Build your Player ID by inputting your gaming usernames and social handles.
  2. Check-in to a game
    Select the platform and game you are currently playing, leave a message, and then hit Check-in.
  3. Instantly Connect
    Send Play Requests to other online players, begin chatting, then arrange a team up in-game.

See you August 31st for Madden Monday, Game On!

Theo Martin // Community Manager