Meet The Tiger Tribe!

Playing games together is more fun. You know that, and you’re willing to do what it takes to help the global gaming community get connected, so no one has to game alone.

You could be the next member of the Tiger Tribe!

Gamers who are part of the Tiger Tribe are what Chell is to the Portal Gun, what Mario is to the Mushroom Kingdom and what Lord Gaben is to the world of PC gaming. They’re treated like family here at Leaping Tiger, and are amazing members of the gaming community from all over the world, dedicated to connecting gamers of all stripes.

On our Reddit boards, grazing Twitter, checked-in to Leaping Tiger or roaming their local gaming community — you’ll find our Tiger Tribe members all over the place. If you see them, give them a shout out and say hi! They’re the friendliest and most dedicated gaming bunch you’ll ever meet. We’ll be working with them to bring awesome things to Leaping Tiger including community projects, blog posts, live streams and more.

Meet the Tribe’s founding members

Nina “Ninzori” & Ryan “Frenchy” from 2am Gaming

Nina — Ever since I can remember, I have always had games in my life. I was lucky enough to grow up in a household that encouraged gaming. I grew up playing games such as Crash Bandicoot and Spyro. Now I’m addicted to Minecraft.

Ryan — My passion for gaming started when I was just a little fella. The first games I played were back when DOS was the rage. The likes of Crystal Caves, Raptor and Duke Nukem floated my boat. Fast forward 15 years later and I am still stuck on pixelated games like Minecraft. Some things never change…

Player ID: Frenchy | Ninzori Facebook: /2amgaming Twitter: @2am_gaming

Katie “Katie Biscuits” & Ryan “OverFiist” from Syndicate Gaming Network

Katie — A friend finally deigned to teach me to play video games after I spent hours watching him explore fantasy worlds and fighting countless demons, dragons, and aliens. It felt like watching some of my favorite comics and book series coming to life on the screen, and I could be the one behind the wheel. To be honest, the beginning was rough; learning to control a camera AND character movement can be a real challenge.. But I put in the time and have never looked back.

I came to gaming late in life so I’ve always felt I have so much to make up for and learn about- and with so many people having been raised with controllers in their hands, it was a tough field to break into. Finding welcoming, nurturing communities like The Syndicate Gaming Network and Leaping Tiger fulfill the desire for me to continue expanding my gaming horizon, and learning from others what gaming was like for them “back in the day.”

Player ID: KatieBiscuits Twitter: @_katie_biscuits

Ryan — When it comes to video games I do enjoy them, a lot, so when I make my next statement I hope you understand. I find that the video games themselves can be awful, however it’s more about the people you’re playing with then the game. I think strong gaming communities are what provide a fun base for gamers, old and young. It is great to be around others who share the same passion for games and a desire to play with others like myself.

Player ID: OverFiist Twitter: @OverFiist

Avid Smite player and all round badass, Gordon “GordNZ”

Gamers — despite the stereotype of being antisocial — are actually a social bunch. I absolutely thrive on playing with or against friends and being able to share experiences or being able to introduce people to games that they may not have ever heard of before!

I am a Hardcore Nintendo fan, always will be. Would love to be able to help spread my passion and experiences with people who may not have had the opportunity to.

Player ID: GordNZ Twitter: @DJDefibs

Barny “Dezil” from Lolnet

I have loved video games for as long as I can remember, and have been playing in online communities since Diablo II, more recently I have spent my time building up, this has included all aspects of running a community from moderating chat on the servers up to making decisions on how to invest for our communities future, I love the time I spend coming up with ideas for our network and watching our team bring them to life.

Player ID: Dezil Twitter: @DezilNZ | Facebook: /lolnetNZ

Xbox gaming nights master, Tom “Tom NZ”

I have loved video games since I was tiny. My first game I can remember is Repton on the Commodore 64. Gaming has always been a big part of my life where pocket money was always spent on renting out games and trying to beat them before having to take them back.

I love the social side of gaming. With Xbox live it is so easy to game with friends and I really like that aspect of gaming and am really enjoying the push for more games to be more multiplayer.

With the release of GTA:Online almost 2 years ago I started being an Xbox community host for I have absolutely loved it. I get to be the person that helps people enjoy multiplayer gaming. I am super passionate about gaming so when I have organised something and people really enjoy themselves then it is super rewarding for me.

NZGamer is a great community and it has been a real joy getting to know all the regulars and talk about and play games together. So I look forward to doing this with all the Leaping Tiger members too!

Player ID: Tomnz Twitter: @Tom_nz

Future of the Tiger Tribe

This founding group is just the beginning. As we take on more, bigger, and better projects with the Tribe, we’ll be looking for more Tigers. So if you think you have what it takes, stay tuned, applications opening again soon!

Game On!
Theo Martin // Community Manager