Our King Of The Jungle Street Fighter V Champions

Over the past 4 weeks we teamed up with Dave “Optimus” Niue on Twitch to throw a Street Fighter V challenge stream once a week. You could take on Dave for your chance at the King of the Jungle title, and a horde of fighters rose up!

To kick this all off though (pun intended), thanks to everyone who joined the stream, checked-in and gave Dave a run for his money. You’re all champions in our book. Some of our Kings were persistent and challenged Dave each night, improving that little bit each week and eventually taking him down. It was incredible seeing all of your progress, it’s a testament to what competitive gaming is all about.

With that said, a big congrats to our Kings: BlackoutNZ, Ironsol, JB, Jsculls, Waza, Peppersaint, Consistent, Tigerwizard, Yobad1 and the solo winner of the final night — Skyy.

They’ve each got a kick ass badge to chuck up on their social for bragging rights, so if you see them around give them a brofist, they deserve it.

And finally, thanks to Dave himself for hosting such an amazing stream and giving all of his viewers a great show! He was tested to his limits and managed to defend the King title loads of times.

Don’t forget to keep up with his stream for more fighting games action: www.Twitch.TV/Optimus_Dave

Keen to see more of these events? Maybe you’re a streamer who’d like to run one alongside us! Get in touch with me and let me know: Theo@Leaping-Tiger.com

Theo // Community Manager