Overwatch calls! Will you answer? — Leaping Tiger Gaming Night

May your watch begin this…MAY…we see what you did there Blizzard…

Point is, Overwatch is finally here at long last! It was one hell of a Beta and now we’re pumped to sink into the game and lose ourselves to this new wonderful world Blizzard has created.

So, if you’re a big Overwatch fan and player, we’ve got a chance for you to meet up with other awesome players in the next Leaping Tiger Gaming Night!

What’s the deal with Overwatch Gaming Night?

It’s all pretty simple…

  1. Load up Leaping Tiger on May 27th
  2. Check-in to Overwatch and leave a friendly message for others to see
  3. Browse other gamers playing Overwatch in your area and flick them a message to play!

Each Leaping Tiger Gaming Night makes it easier for gamers to find each other locally, because everyone knows they’ll be on and playing at the same time. Make the most of each Gaming Night even if you’re not playing and check-in to meet local gamers you can play with, whether now or later.

We’ll see you on the battlefields of Overwatch, heroes. Game On!

Theo // Community Manager