Pax East 2016 — Our Favourite Bits

It’s no secret, this year Leaping Tiger joined Pax East by infiltrating the show booklet! And while we couldn’t be there in person, we had a bunch of awesome reps to walk around and spread the Leaping Tiger word. Meanwhile we watched it all unfold online, and it was one hell of a Pax!

Leaping Tiger Office Picks of Pax East 2016

There were loads of awesome announcements and things going, but here are our staff picks (not in any order mind you) for what went down this Pax…

Borderlands 3 teased = while we didn’t get much, the fact that a new Borderlands is on the way is enough to get any of us excited!

WarCraft movie takes its own path = this one is a double edged sword, but overall we’re pretty optimistic that the WarCraft movie is being lenient with the lore. We personally don’t think this means a huge step in a different direction, but more hope that it means we’ll go more in-depth with the lore that’s already there. Either way, we’re amped for this coming out in a few months.

New Killer Instinct character = We love our fighting games, and seeing Mira in action made us want to jump back in and tear each other a new one in the office. Ain’t no better vampire for the job than Mira!

The Mafia 3 song list = a few of us (cough me cough Theo cough community manager) freakn LOVE the Mafia franchise. We got a taste of the immersion building up at Pax when 2k talked a bit more about their song list plans for their newest title in the franchise, Mafia 3. It’s great to see little details like this being expanded upon in worlds that are already so realistic in appearance and feel. We’re more than ready to jump into 1960s New Orleans!!

Bravely Second creator wants to return = this title is one of our top games for 2016 so far, and it looks like the creator is more than willing to jump on a sequel. With a series this successful we’re struggling to think of why they wouldn’t return.

The real life Overwatch vehicles = Blizzard pulling the stops out and bringing these beasts to the show really spiced Pax up this year. Complete with stunning cosplays, these things were all over social like nobody’s business!

Outlast 2 looks epic = I’m not gonna lie…I struggled to watch through the gameplay trailer on this one. The first Outlast was terrifying enough but 2 just looks like pure horror gold. Yet another game we’re going to drool over, yet the closest we’ll get to it is YouTube Let’s Plays.

Big thanks to Syndicate Gaming Network

Some amazing Leaping Tiger fans from Syndicate Gaming Network managed to go to Pax East this year and on top of that, they helped us snap some amazing pictures and spread the word about Leaping Tiger on the show floor. We really couldn’t thank this wonderful gaming community enough for all the support they’ve shown us!

Hope to see you at Pax East 2017, but until then —Happy Connecting & Game On!

Theo // Community Manager