Player Connect Gaming Nights: Get Playing, NZ!

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Leaping Tiger is finally here! And to celebrate, we’re partnering with Bigpipe Broadband NZ and a bunch of NZ’s best gaming communities to bring you the Player Connect Gaming Nights.

Monday to Friday for the next two weeks from 7pm to 9pm, gamers from all around NZ can connect with other players using Leaping Tiger for a chance to win some awesome prizes.

Daily prize pool, thanks to Bigpipe NZ!

Each night we’ll be playing a different game, and to make it even bigger and better, we’ve enlisted some of New Zealand’s best gaming communities to get everyone connecting with new friends, and playing the games they love!

How do I win?!

To get involved with #LTGamingNights, all you have to do is jump on Leaping Tiger between 7pm and 9pm, and connect with players on the game being played that day! Check out our Facebook page for the daily game announcements.

To sign up, download the app from the App Store, or Android and Desktop users can sign in at Once you’re ready, check-in to the game and discover other players in your area.

We’ve got communities involved and gear to give away every night, so there’s something for everyone!

Thanks to the NZ communities involved:


LoLNZ is NZ’s largest League of Legends gaming community where it’s free to join, loads of events to get involved with, a great community culture and your one stop shop for NZ based LoL news.


The Standing Fierce crew have brought competitive fighting game events and spirit to the NZ gaming scene. They’re an incredibly welcoming community that’s hardcore about everything fighting games related and their members include some of the strongest eSports players in Oceania. Don’t be fooled by their competitive spirit though, these gamers like to get social every now and then too!

NZ Nintendo Club

Representing the New Zealand Nintendo community is the NZNC. This is the place to be if you want to showdown on Smash Bros, hit the track in Mario Kart, battle with Pokemon or have fun street passing.


The community force for DotA 2 in New Zealand, DotA 2 NZ is one of the newcomers to NZ gaming culture. But that isn’t stopping them from fighting for their Ancients all day, every day! Join them as they help build NZ based DotA 2 eSports and culture and become part of a rising community that’s making a massive difference to the NZ gaming scene.


Jump into NZ’s biggest Minecraft server and game on with loads of local Minecraft players — that’s what Lolnet is all about. Starting out as a private Minecraft server with friends, Lolnet slowly began to grow and open up the server to new players. In 2011 they went public and since then their numbers have grown massively while they build in loads of features, like their recent one — a fully realized RPG mod of Middle Earth!

Thanks to Bigpipe Broadband!

Bigpipe are all about ripping out the stuff you don’t need and just providing a nice big pipe (get it?) so you have all the internet you can handle at a decent price.

Honestly though, when was the last time you actually used your landline? And who on earth uses ISP–provided email these days? Why waste your money on all that? Spend it on the important things, like getting a fast and reliable internet connection with no data cap.

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Game on!

Theo // Community Manager