Resources for Gaming Communities

I get a lot of questions about how I build and run gaming communities. I’m not claiming to be an expert, but many of these tools often surprise the questiony-asky people. So I thought — why not share my knowledge to help other people involved in gaming communities, like YOU! So I took to our gaming community collaboration group — The Co-op Guide — and started a thread, here are the results…

Your community platform:

These are your social media sites, your forums etc! There are a slew of these, but wherever you and your friends are is where you’ll make it. Maybe you’ll evolve or look into new platforms to grow your community into, but one thing is for sure, most of these platforms work well with each other. You don’t have to rely only on a Facebook group, or just run a forum page — you can have it all working together, to better connect and build your community!

Be sure to explore and experiment with new platforms, and see if they’re right for you:

Communication Tools:

Communication is a huge part of being in a community. Heck, they even sound the same and have the same first 7 letters! Every good gaming community can benefit from having a VoIP group somewhere on the web. There are loads of VoIP options, and even some pretty good text chat tools out there too. Look around and see what best suits your group’s needs. A good thing to consider is channels — do you want separate channels? Or do you want to encourage everyone talking to each other at the same time in a general chat?

Teamwork Tools:

Chances are that if your community is big, or growing, you’ve got an admin team behind you helping with what it takes to manage your community. The right tools make the right team even more awesome. Here are a few of the tools I use for teamwork on kickass community stuff:

Event Tools:

Hosting activities and events is one of the best ways to connect a community, helping members meet each other grows the community! With that in mind, most of the activities a gaming community can do are eSports or tournament related, so many of the following tools are bracketing systems to help your event run smoothly, as well as a few support guides:

So there you have it! All the community building tools I love. Do you use something epic that I’ve missed? Leave it in a comment below and we’ll check it out, and add it in! Hopefully this can page can become a great resource for gaming community leaders and admins to build their community up.

Game On!

Theo // Community Manager