The Leaping-Tiger Reddit is Live!!

Hey LT community! Theo here, Community Manager at Leaping Tiger *waves*

With the launch of Leaping Tiger just around the corner, we wanted to create an easy place to communicate with all you gamers out there. Announcing…

So what is Reddit anyway?

Reddit is a place where anyone can post a message (or link) that they feel is important to a subreddit for a specific community. That post goes to the NEW section and other users hanging out have the chance to upvote or downvote the post based on how important it is. The most upvoted posts go to the top of that subreddit page so that the most important messages get seen the most.

We’ll be using our subreddit to take your valuable feedback, track error reports, and discuss anything and everything Leaping Tiger related!

Why use Reddit?

Reddit is simple, fast, and puts the important messages we need to deal with together in one place (you don’t get that kind of treatment with old school forums!) But most importantly, it puts everything in one “thread” so everyone is involved and up to date.

Your voice matters

This subreddit is for you — the players — to have your say. And believe me when I say this, your voice really matters to us.

When Leaping Tiger was in development, our team had a ton of ideas for features we think everyone watnts and would be AWESOME. But we’ve taken a step back, and realised that we want to build a strong platform base, and get the community involved with building the platform YOU want.

We can’t wait to hear your feedback and suggestions! So whadda ya say? Ready to help us shape the future of social gaming?