Why We Love Live Streaming Games

Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Beam, OBS, xSplit, all that good stuff — we love streaming games and we love the streamers that do it!


Because streaming gives players even more power to share their gaming passion and connect with other gamers, forming an entirely new kind of community, and that’s pretty much our whole focus at Leaping Tiger. That, and we have huge respect for the amount of effort and skill that goes into building and maintaining a channel.

We Stream!

A bunch of us here at Leaping Tiger HQ dabble in streaming ourselves. None of us stick to any particular game, are particularly any good, nor consistent (speaking for myself of course…don’t wanna get axed!) BUT we have a blast doing it every now and then. We know what it’s like to be the little guy but have tasted being the big guy once or twice, and with that in mind we opened up the Leaping Tiger Content Partners Program! Leaping Tiger Content Partners work with us to spread the glorious Leaping Tiger word, while we help spread their streams and videos around to new viewers and community members. But really, what keeps us streaming?

Why We Do It

Streaming helps us connect with our friends and followers

Most successful streams have huge communities behind them, communities that those streamers go above and beyond to connect with and build. It’s an amazing feeling bringing so many people together and even more amazing being part of such a connected group. Kinda Funny have their Best Friends for example!
But it doesn’t take going big to keep up with your friends and followers. I’ve hardly got any followers but whenever I stream I end up connecting with a bunch of my gaming friends and entertaining two or three randoms, and that feeling alone is crazy rewarding. I personally find it difficult to stay connected with friends and find this is an open way to stop in on each other and play or chat.

It’s fun reacting to stuff and having someone to talk to

Nobody likes being alone and everyone has a crazy side. For me at least, streaming gives a chance to let loose while not shying away from people. Taking the face to face element out of the equation and adding anonymity to those watching gives a sense of freedom that only the digital world can provide. Don’t get us wrong though, face to face is great, and streaming helps lead so many there. Suddenly you can relate to all these other streaming personalities and meet up with your fans at events to just hang. Streaming, at its end point, really does bring people together in the real world and often from all over the world.

A chance to share our passion for gaming, our skills, our knowledge, our playstyle

From showcasing obscure games to showing off your moves that get you to the top of the leader board every game, there are loads of things you can share while streaming. Hell, there are lore fanatics out there that love to stream and tell you about the story and world of the game they’re playing (one of my favourite types of streams to watch!). Going above and beyond connecting, the real time element of streaming helps you share raw experiences and insights with other gamers. Did something not make sense? Your chat can call out for you to go even more in depth with the details and experiences people want!

A way to look back, remember, and evolve

This may be a silly one, but it’s one that I love. Having all these broadcasts saved, watching what you were like then and how you’ve improved till now, though a little narcissistic, can be helpful. It’s a great way to document your own progress and give you a sense of pride, while also helping you find and share fond memories.

Do you stream? What makes you do it?

We know loads of streamers who stream in a bunch of ways for a bunch of reasons, and we want to hear from them all. If you stream, tell us down in the comments and link your channel!

Theo // Community Manager