WIN by Sharing Your Fear this Friday 13th!

Horror games have become an entirely different beast in the gaming world recently. They can now go so far as to evolve every time you play (like the new Phantasmal!), keeping up the mystery. And, with the rise of streaming and apps like Leaping Tiger (heyo!), it’s easier to share your fear with other games to amazing results.

Friday 13th is coming up this week, so we’re issuing a challenge to all Leaping Tiger fans out there — load up your favourite horror game, check-in to it on Leaping Tiger, and connect with others reveling in the fear!

By checking-in, you’re also joining a giveaway for Phantasmal thanks to the team at Eyemobi. That way the horror will never…ever…stop… *runs away*.

We have 5 copies to give away so there’s a bunch of chances for you to win one for your Friday the 13th check-in.

Better yet, set up a stream and give us something skin crawling to watch by Tweeting us at #LeapingTiger!!

That’s enough looking up horror games to make a blog post, I’m gonna go lie down and have day terrors…game on…

Theo // Community Manager