Your Winners! — Leaping Tiger Best Of E3 2016

God of War reveals a new side of Kratos at E3 2016

You all voted, and now it’s time to see the winners of the Leaping Tiger Best Of E3 Awards…

Most Shocking Announcement | Crash Bandicoot returns

Kicking this list off with a bang is the long rumored return of everyone's favorite spinning bandicoot! We didn’t get to see gameplay, but it’s all confirmed, we’ll be seeing Crash 1, 2, and 3 (Warped) fully remastered from the ground up for Playstation 4!

And who knows, if it sells well could a new title be on the horizon?

Best First Impression | Spiderman PS4

Incomniac’s new take on Spider-Man

The webslinger is coming exclusively to Playstation 4 in what was one of the most polished trailers for a superhero game to date! With Insomniac Games at the helm and word that there’s no movie tie-ins, this could be the start of something truly amazing for Spidey and PlayStation. The gameplay looked fast and fluid, the voice acting was on point, the script fit the character and the world, and everything looked gorgeous!

Best Trailer | South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Cartman is “The Coon”

In true South Park style, it’s time to take a tasteful dump in the super powered back yard of this day and age’s super hero franchises. While loads of trailers at E3 2016 were shiny, exciting, and intriguing, The Fractured But Whole was just the right combination of all three with all of South Park’s familiar faces. The Coon (Cartman) brings the heroes of South Park together to build a billion dollar super hero franchise, but trouble brews…basically straight away with an aggressive (but yknow, civil) war!

Best Press Conference | Sony

Shawn Layden introducing the E3 2016 Sony press conference

God of War’s revival, Crash’s return, Resident Evil 7, Kojima’s…whatever that was (squee!), and everything in between was more than enough ammunition for Sony to take away this E3’s Best Press Conference award. In one word, kickass (two words? hyphenated? I do what I want). The live orchestra shook the theater as well, helping bring all the trailers to life. As we knew was happening, there were no hardware announcements. But it looks like making it all about the games and the players was the right move!

Best Of Show | God of War

Kratos, with his magnificent new beard and the iconic GoW tattoo

We open on a kid in a rough viking-like setting playing with his toys. A gruff, powerful voice interrupts, “Boy…BOY!”. A figure in dark talks, ending with “I am hungry, feed us”, and a familiar tattooed face emerges. Kratos is back, but something has changed.
The entire new world that sets up the next God of War is detailed, enthralling, and new, elements that suit the new Kratos’s appearance. Kratos seems more collected and in control, maybe his beard gives him powers? It’s impressive (the gameplay demo that is, but the beard too!). With a glimpse we can tell a lot will be changing in the new God of War, but the essence of what the game is will remain with epic battles and a satisfying rich combat system. It was quite the surprise to get both a reveal and an in-depth gameplay trailer all in one go, but so welcomed.

And that’s all she wrote! Congrats to the winners and a salute to all the games we saw at E3 2016, it was an amazing show. Want to chat to us about favorite moments of E3 2016? Jump on Twitter and Tweet to us at @TheLeapingTiger!

Theo Martin // Community Manager